Current Tesla employees have told TechCrunch that communication about operations in California, one of its biggest markets, has been inconsistent and unclear as the COVID 19 pandemic has spread. Employees, who requested anonymity for fear of losing their jobs described a lack of access to disinfectant, and said there were not clear or proper protocols put in place to safeguard workers in sales, service and delivery. Has prompted some to take matters into their own hands because there is protective gear.

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Now imagine if you’re still learning to speak English.Some good news: New York state on Saturday reported its lowest number of daily coronavirus deaths 84 since late March, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In April, several daily death tolls surpassed 1,000.

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The nature of the sport also means so many players are multi national at heart; they were raised in one country, born in another and build their games elsewhere. The British No 1, Johanna Konta, was born an Australian in Sydney to Hungarian parents, trained in Barcelona at 14 before moving to Eastbourne and becoming a British citizen. The face of the coming Olympics is Haitian Japanese Naomi Osaka, who was born in Osaka, grew up in New York and is sick of people asking about her ethnicity..

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